Brazil’s Amazing Amazon & Cultured Coast

  • Explore in-depth the magnificent Amazon Rainforest, the majority, about 60%, is contained in Brazil, during a five night stay at a lodge in the heart of the jungle
  • Meet traditional residents of the forest, Indian decedents, who continue to practice the traditions of their ancestors and discover something of their lives and community today
  • Stroll the narrow, busy streets of Salvador’s historic Pelourinho, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features the largest complex of colonial architecture in South America
  • Head for the coast and Praia do Forte to enjoy nature up close in a luxurious, privileged setting with a variety of activities for adults and children from hikes to snorkeling to canoeing
  • Take in vibrant Rio de Janeiro, with its iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain, the Tijuca Forest and Corcovado Mountain