Colombia In the Heart of It

Discover Bogota’s vibrant Paloquemao Market and Candelaria, the city’s playground for foodies, and in the afternoon, enjoy an art tour to experience Bogotá’s fascinating emerging art scene, meeting artists. Fall into the rhythm of Medellin as you travel with your guide by public transport. Jump into activity with paragliding as well as quad biking. Visit the village of Guatape, famous for its church and the beautiful, colorful paintings that decorate the village homes. Take in the classic colonial city of Cartagena and explore the historic walled city. Lean salsa dancing from a local and sample some of the country’s renowned rums. Spend two days on spectacular Bari Island, relaxing or sailing or taking a cooking class or one of the other activities available on this stunning island

hile the world has been changing, we have been exploring.