Ecuador & The Galapagos Private

Begin your memorial expedition in the charming city of Quito with a morning touring an abundance of legacy artwork showcased in the private home art collections of Ecuador’s most famous artists, followed by a tantalizing tasting and pairing session of To’ak, one of the world’s best dark chocolate. Embark on a luxurious private yacht and travel comfortably to the sensational Galapagos Islands. Feel a sense of adventure by wading through knee-deep warm crystal waters onto a black sand beach or by stepping from dock directly onto volcanic rock to experience the one-of-a-kind beauty and the diversified wildlife of the Island. Observe the various colorful species of Darwin’s finches and the wild reptiles of Galapagos throughout scenic landscapes of dense misty forests, fascinating volcanic rock trails, and even snorkel with the island’s majestic marine life in beautiful clear water bays.