Ecuador’s Galapagos & Amazon

  • Discover the eccentric inhabitants of three of the Galapagos extraordinary islands – San Cristobal,  Isabela, and Santa Cruz during a land-based stay herebloomberg-circle3-copy
  • Snorkel and dive in amazing sites such as the lava tunnels of Isabela, a marine sanctuary characterized by its unique geologic formations such as lava flows that produced arches and tunnels both under and above water that are filled with marine life
  • Enjoy a unique wildlife and cultural experience as you spend a day with local fisherman, learning about the world they experience and their fishing techniques during a day aboard a modern privately charter speedboat
  • Travel into the Amazon and Yasuni National Park along the Napo River to spend three nights in this incredible ecosystem, exploring the richness the rainforest has to offer, including a canopy tower that rises some 12 stories into the treetops
  • Spend a day taking in the 16th-century colonial city of Quito, Ecuador’s graceful capital city