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The climate of Ethiopia varies greatly according to altitude. In general, the climate is temperate in the highlands and hot in the lowlands. The major part of the country consists of high plateau, about which gives the country its moderate climate with minor seasonal variation. The mean minimum during the coldest season is 6˚C/43˚F while the mean maximum rarely exceeds 26˚C/79˚F. Temperature variations in the lowlands are greater. The desert heat and Red Sea Coastal areas are extreme, with occasional highs of 60˚C/140˚F. In Addis, the average remains around 15˚C/59˚F throughout the year. You need to take precautions to protect yourself for the intensity of the equatorial sun with a hat, sunscreen and sun glasses. June, July, August and September bring heavy rainfall in most of the country. The average annual precipitation in the country during the major rainy season is 39 inches. While the northeast and eastern plains receive less than 19 inches, Addis Ababa receives close to 49 inches of rainfall.


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