Jordan & Egypt Adventure of the Ancients

Savor an extraordinary evening with fabled Petra by candlelight. This spectacular evening is almost mystical experience as you walk through the Siq, with a magical flute playing from the mountain tops above the gorge.  Take in Dahshur’s “Bent Pyramid” that is said to be older than the great pyramids of Giza. Stroll through an ancient Egyptian village — the fascinating Deir el-Medina, home to the artisans who worked on the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Queens during the period from 1550–1080 BCE. Explore the ancient sites of an oasis such as the remains of the oracle temple and the Mountain of the Dead, a Roman-era necropolis. Travel into desert dunes in a 4×4 vehicle, followed by horseback riding and finish at the historic Cleopatra Bath for a swim in the fabled hot spring. In the company of your private, Egyptologist guide, enjoy a special full day exploration of the newly opened exquisite Grand Egyptian Museum

While the world has been changing, we have been exploring.