Lemurs, Baobabs and Octopus Trees

Explore Madagascar’s nocturnal world of the forest to discover the variety of nocturnal lemurs such as mouse lemurs, white footed sportive lemur, fat-tailed dwarf lemur as well as the woolly lemur. A journey to Andasibe introduces you to the country’s gentle pace of rural life with rice fields, red brick houses and roadside stalls selling seasonal fruits and vegetables lining the route. Take a private charter Morondava in the west of the country, the center of the historic Sakalava Kingdom, known for its elaborately sculpted wooden royal tombs, frequently decorated with well-executed, often erotic, funerary carvings representing life and fertility. Experience the irresistible sunset at the stunning Avenue of the Baobabs, where the elegant tall giants and the setting sun are among island’s most iconic images. Learn about the traditional Antandroy people as your guide introduces you to the Antandroy culture and some of their customs and traditions.


While the world has been changing, we have been exploring.