New Energies Collection Australia

This wide-ranging adventure in Australia takes you to discover the beautiful Margaret River region, known for some 120 world-class vineyards that produce more than a fifth of the premium wine in the country. You spend time with a Kuku Yulangi guide who share his culture and traditions, and a local artist who guides you in creating Aboriginal art. You are mesmerized by the stories of the elders of the community, who share their Dreamtime stories passed down through generations. Experience a truly dark sky experience with incredible views of the Milky Way that will take your breath away. Explore distinctive properties that take to heart the concepts of conservation and preservation by generating their power and heating water by the sun, reducing energy usage and noise pollution and leading the way in preventing unnecessary soil erosion as well as offering adventures from horse riding, mountain biking, game fishing, sea kayaking, white water rafting, jungle surfing and river-drift snorkeling.

While the world has been changing, we have been exploring.