President’s Pick Namibia Damaraland to the Dunes

“This adventure delves into Namibia’s exciting emerging art scene and you meet artists who will show you the country through their President's Picks | Big Five Tours eyes. Experience a semi-mobile camp in Damaraland, the core, the heart of the desert, where you can privately track the endangered desert-adapted black rhino. The wide-open, crystal-clear skies will awe you with brilliant stars. You can look for whale bones and debris from centuries of shipwrecks along the Skeleton Coast, spanning much of the country’s coastline. Encounter the great Namib Sea Sand of deserted mines, shipwrecks and seal colonies. Climb towering sand dunes and go on nature drives and walks in the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. I am sure you’ll find Namibia as fascinating as I do.”

While the world has been changing, we have been exploring.