South Africa Custom Tour

 Best Time to Go

Most of South Africa is subtropical, with temperatures warmed by ocean on three sides of the country, and the altitude of the interior plateau. The best time to travel depends on your interests. Spring lasts August to mid-October. Flowers are best seen August and September. Southern right whales migrate to the bays of the southern coast July to November. Summer, mid-October to early March, is hot and sunny, with afternoon thunderstorms that clear quickly. Autumn, mid-March to April, is a favorite time to visit when temperatures are comfortable. Winter, May to July or August, in the Northern provinces is dry and sunny, with crisp days and cold nights; but Cape Town is cool to warm with the possibility of rain. May through August is the prime time for spotting game, when the foliage is less dense. The high mountains in Drakensberg sometimes see snow in winter.


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